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Monday, August 23, 2010

Spanish tortilla breakfast recipe

Ok, no pic this time, but it would just look like an egg, lol. A Spanish tortilla (from Spain, not Mexico) is an egg fritatta served in slices like a pie. I love the flavor, but I'm not going to make a whole pan of it, so here's my single serving substitute:

One SMALL (like new red 1 inch diameter tiny tiny) potato. Peel and then microwave 3 mins. Chop.
2 cloves chopped garlic
2 eggs
Salt to taste

Put a small amount of olive oil in pan. Add potato and garlic and cook until the smell is amazing. Then add the egg, crush the yolk and cook until egg is done.


About 300 calories
15 gr protein
27 grams carbs (I don't eat other carbs when I have this breakfast--my limit is 35 carbs/day but my nutritionist says I can have 100 carbs/day but I don't believe her lol)
15 grams fat (but it's "good" fat)

I finished out this day with cheese sticks and protein shakes. I just wasn't that hungry after having that breakfast. Total calories today, about 700. Some days are less than others, but I run 700-1,000.

I will take pictures of the stuffed peppers when I make them this week. They deserve a pic.


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