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Thursday, August 5, 2010

For pre-ops with a surgery date

After surgery, you are put on clear liquids. The big challenge is getting in your liquids, and your protein, that can help healing. I made sure I had a few bottles of Isopure Plus RTD, and when I got sick of sweet stuff, Unjury protein Chicken Broth. I had a very easy time after surgery, and I think having these was part of the reason.

I have a few packets of the Unjury protein chicken broth powder left--enough to get someone through the clear liquids stage. It's a shame to just have it sitting around, so if you have a surgery date, and there's time enough for me to mail it to you, send me an email and let me know you want it. I'll just need your mailing address. The first mailing address received gets it. My email is

I hope this is of help to someone!


UPDATE: Broth has already been sent to someone.


  1. Hi Donna :)

    I was wondering, how did you like the isopure powder? Did you just put that into your water/juice/crystal light? I have the RTD isopure but i'm sure i'll get sick of it real fast. the only isopure i see in stores is HUGE tubs and i'm worried about getting if i won't use it. Did you use yours? Was the taste hidden in juices?

  2. Don't mix anything in juice--it has way too much sugar. After surgery, they suggest not drinking more than 4oz juice/day. I love the IsoPure Zero protein powder. I got vanilla, and I flavor it with DaVinci Sugar Free syrups. I mix it with water. Milk has too much sugar/carbs to use as a mixer. It will slow down your weight loss.

    People on the VST board will tell you not to buy a huge tub of anything because your taste buds might change after surgery, and to get samples before committing to a huge tub. Me, my taste buds didn't change, and I did buy a huge tub beforehand lol.

  3. I am new at this and I am starting my process on Tuesday. Where would I go to get samples? I think I probably have a couple of months before surgery if I choose to do this, so I was hoping to get a few pointers from everyone! :)


  4. I am on my day ten after the op,i am going to supermarket for family food shop and looking for sugestions what to buy for what i am aloud finding it hard to get info can someone plz help me?

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  6. I hope my surgery goes as smooth as yours seems to have!!! Many thanks again.

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