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Friday, August 27, 2010

6 weeks out - general report

I'm averaging a loss of 3 lbs a week since surgery--which is what my surgeon said would happen. My biggest cheat (wine and dark chocolate) gave me 1,200 calories for one day, but on average it's about 800 a day. This morning I weigh 292. I started on my surgery day at 313. Slow but steady. 6 weeks, 21 lbs gone. It's the long term that counts--I don't pay attention to the day to day 1-2 pound fluctuations (probably water weight) on the scale, I go by my Monday weekly weigh-in.

Things I find helpful: Always having a shaker bottle in my hand. I use the kind with the metal ball inside for mixing protein easier ("Blender Bottle"); drinking no cal beverages constantly (helps with hunger feelings, which I still get sometimes. The Grehlin leaves our system slowly).

Things I keep in my desk at work: Protein powder, tons of the Wal-Mart version of Crystal Lite (half the price, and the apple one is really good)

Progresso Light Soups (160 calories a can, no opener needed, good when I forget to bring my lunch)

Areas where I seem to be different from other people on the VST board: my tastes didn't change after surgery; I have no problems getting liquids in (I drink like before, unless the liquid is thick) and meats are no problem to eat. I still haven't tried fresh fruits, salads, and veggies (because of the indigestible fiber) but I can have frozen, canned and cooked fruits and veggies so that's fine. I didn't become lactose intolerant. I had a very smooth surgery recovery. I think protein shakes taste fine (lots of people hate them but I think it may be because they buy the cheap ones, but I could be wrong).

Eating in restaurants isn't a problem, I just pick grilled or broiled meat, chicken, or fish and tell them to hold the carbs (no potato, bread, rice etc). I take whatever's left home for the next day's lunch. I stay away from fast food completely.

Areas where I was the same: Constipation as soon as I hit mushies/soft solids (it cleared up); the dreaded 3-week stall (it cleared up). It's just our bodies adjusting.

Things I'm working on: exercising more. For people who have reached goal, exercise seems to be key, and they do it every day. Doing it in the morning is best because you burn calories faster all day long. I use Leslie Sansone's 3 Mile Walk DVD for now.

In total, I've lost 37 lbs since I started the pre-op diet and I feel a lot better, I can walk more easily, and don't regret having the surgery. I'm off all my pre-op meds. (Diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, anti-depressants)

I am very conscious of having a protein RTD Isopure Plus drink in my purse and in the office for peace of mind. You never know when you'll need it (long meetings etc). I also carry a MedicAlert bracelet that says "Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy-No blind NG tube" when I travel.

That's all I can think of, any questions just ask!


  1. Hi Donna! I am 11 days post-op and have just come across your blog. I have to start out by saying that I love you (I hope that's not too forward ;). I am also a foodie and never thought about the food possibilities until I had a look at some of your recipes. Watch out solid foods! Thanks!

  2. Your blog was so encouraging! I am starting the process this coming Tuesday. Going for my first appointment to meet the dietician and doctor! I hope everything goes as well for me as it did for you!! You are very inspirational!!

    Thank you!! :)

  3. No blind NG tube...what's that mean?

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  5. How do you get the MedicAlert bracelet? I have a card to have restaurants let me order from kids menu but i don't have a bracelet.

  6. Great work you have done.Today, surgery can achieve what years of exercise can't.

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  8. Hi there! I am 8 days out and feeling great! I love your blog, will be reading every post! I to have had no issues so far with drinking, keep fingers crossed it stays that way! Keep up the good work, and inspiration!

  9. Hi, I'm so glad to have come across your blog! Just knowing another person with the same background is so encouraging! I am a little over 1 month post-op - down 22-25 pounds. I seemed to have hit my stalling period a week late! I'm very happy with my progress, and have had no major problems. I'm so eager to add my solid foods but doing it with caution because I fear the consequences. I was curious about the Medicalert bracelet you wear. What made you get that? I wasn't sure what -No blind NG tube" is - can you please explain? Thanks!

    1. I was just wondering the same thing...

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