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Friday, August 6, 2010

Soft Solids Easy Recipe: 5 minute Portabello

This is for when you have absolutely no desire to cook--but you gotta get that protein in! And it's preferable that it taste good.

5 minute Portabello Mushroom Melt

1 medium portabello mushroom cap, stem removed, upended
1/4 cup fresh basil leaves (remove stems)
2-3 slices buffalo mozzarella (the kind that looks like a round ball; the best kind is packed in liquid. If you can't find that, get the one that's in the round ball)

Turn the mushroom cap upside down
Microwave for 4 minutes if you have the lowest-power/wattage microwave like me; 2 minutes if you've got a powerful microwave. The mushroom should be moist and tender.

Chop a reasonable amount of fresh basil (fresh is crucial for flavor) and completely fill in the mushroom cap.

Top with thick slices of buffalo mozzarella; be generous. Even if it's not lowfat, it's only 70 calories per slice.  If you can find lowfat, be even more generous. When I made this, I used 3 thin/medium slices of full fat cheese. (I was low on calories). The mushroom only has 20 calories.

Mircowave until the cheese starts to melt down the side. About 1 minute.

[For more protein, and if you have the extra time, sautee a bit of shallot, garlic, and ground meat to add to the basil filling.]


Approximate stats:
150-170 calories, depending on amount of cheese
6 carbs
9 protein
3 fat


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