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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stuff I bought pre-op: sources

I Googled to find the best prices. I live in a rural area so I have to do most of my shopping by mail. You will probably be able to find a lot of this at local stores.

1. Kitchenaid food chopper

2. 4 oz. ramekins

3. Isopure zero carb protein powder and DaVinci sugar free syrups (less than $5):
4. Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies DVD Box Set. I know it's cheesy but it was the only exercise I could handle because I was so out of shape. I got a Zumba box set for later.

I googled for the best prices on the rest of the stuff in the pre-op pantry post--I just thought I would provide this info as reference if you're trying to gauge costs.

I can also tell you what to avoid--weight loss cookbooks by RNYers, who don't absorb calories. I got three of them before I realized I would have to modify every recipe. Weight Watchers cookbooks are more apropriate for sleevers than RNY recipes! Atkins recipes allow too much fat. We need high protein, low carb, low fat.

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  1. One year review. I grew out of the ramekins but they are still useful. The chopper was a must-have